Industries We Serve

Red Oak Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive resourcing solutions across a variety of industries and sectors including IT, Marketing, Finance, Business Operations, Manufacturing and Engineering.

Financial Technology

We supply Financial Technology companies with services that address project management, DevOps, Java (Server-side) development and assist with security intrusion detection and vulnerability

Software Engineering

Our consultant database includes the top 1% of software developers, engineers and architects that we in turn supply to market leaders in Software Engineering including desktop applications and Saas products

Network Engineering

For over 10 years we have been helping the leaders in Network Engineering, supplying the industry with services focused on M&A activity, business analysts, Java development, customer support and project management


Partnering with one of the nation-wide providers of Health Information Technology, we supply scrum masters and developers focused on front-end, API, web services and server-side development


Working with some of the best known retailers in the industry, we have provided services for UI, Server-side Development, Data Analysis and Full Stack Development related projects. We are especially strong in user experience (UX) and research projects related to e-Commerce including product, fashion and retail


From start-ups to established companies within the green energy and power utility space, our projects involve traditional engineering disciplines including electrical and mechanical as well as specialized talent related to research and development.

Data Center / Cloud Services

Working with leaders in the cloud computing space, we provide software engineers focusing on building customer portals, network architecture and disaster recovery services. We've also become the subject matter experts with regards to emerging DevOps technologies including CI, CD and performance monitoring


Headquartered in silicon valley puts us in a strategic location to supply specialized talent at Companies from contract manufacturers to start-ups. We are subject matter experts when it comes to building out teams within the manufacturing space working with automotive, semiconductor and energy.


Engineering projects in the Automotive Industry require highly specialized resources. From AI, electrical engineering and software development, we are intimeate with emerging technologies in this sector. Understanding this marketplace and how to attract highly skilled resources is our core competency

Internet Security

Working with companies in the antivirus, malware, network security and intrusion detection, we have supported many internet security related projects. From building out a SOC to SecOps and NetOps, we worked with some of the most recognized Leaders in the internet security space


Within the heavily regulated insurance industry, companies require highly specialized talent. We've worked on projects that require resources from legacy to cutting edge technologies. Quality assurance, software engineering, portal development and UX is our core competency within the insurance space