Payroll Services

Red Oak Technologies Payroll Services is a 3rd party payroll solution for internally recruited or unaffiliated contractors. We give you full-cycle contractor management, risk management, and white-glove customer service. With a customizable pricing model to give you the highest ROI and zero hidden fees, Red Oak Technologies Payroll Services is your best solution.

We offer a flexible 3rd party payroll solution for internally recruited or unaffiliated contractors. The benefits of this include:

  • Full tax automation
  • Electronic timecard portals including streamlined mobile authorization of working hours
  • Single invoicing for entire payroll contingent workforce including individual breakdowns of hours worked and any additional charges
  • Fully customizable benefits plan provided to contingent workforce including health, vision, dental, 401K, life insurance, long term disability insurance, flexible PTO package, training, per diem and a potential bonus structure
  • Proven rate cards with 20+ years of data as well as external wage survey information helping create competitive bidding from sub-vendors

Full-Cycle Contractor Management means we handle the full process for you. This includes:

  • On-Boarding and Off-Boarding
  • Onboarding and compliance of W2 workers including employee contracts, I9 verification, background checks, benefit packages, PTO allocation and social security verification.
  • Proprietary streamlined process allowing for a quick turnaround time for candidate onboarding. Contingent workforce portals allows for seamless timecard entry and electronic approval by managers.

We are an organization built on transparency, quality and trust. That is why we offer a customizable pricing structure to you. This model offers zero hidden fees. It is also completely customizable to offer you the strongest ROI. This model also gives you up to a 20% reduction from traditional roll-up into MSP service!

Our customized benefit packages and PTO also allow consultants to choose the best package for them without impacting your bill rate! We also offer scale and utilization discounts.

With IT organizations leveraging the contingent workforce to drive productivity and decrease costs, this segment of the workforce also brings along increased liability. Organizations are forced to have a separate set of compliant measurements for their contingent workforce compared to their full-time employees stretching HR departments thin as organizations scale. When evaluating a third-party payroll service for your contingent staff, it is not only important that they have initial compliance measurements in place but that they can act as agile consultants in ensuring continual compliance as compliance governance increases.

How Red Oak helps:

  • Consistent compliance audits
  • Transparent reporting
  • Contractor misclassification
  • Co-employment governance
  • Contingent benefits consultation
  • On-boarding/Contract compliance
  • Tax compliance ownership
  • H1B: 99.1% success ratio with H1B transfers and sponsorships
  • Background checks
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Data privacy

We believe 3rd party payroll management is more than just a transactional relationship, it’s a value driven service! We believe in providing well beyond the traditional customer service model. That is why we offer “white glove” service to all our clients and consultants. We offer a one-of-a-kind consultant care program designed to ensure a strong consultant relationship. At Red Oak, White Glove Service is not a privilege, it’s a standard.

What does "White Glove Service" mean?

  • Hands on on-boarding and off-boarding: Red Oak account manager and compliance team ensure quick, efficient, and compliant documentation for new consultants while eliminating ramp up time
  • Multiple touch points per month to discuss performance, feedback, and possible action items
  • Consultant Survey feedback to ensure an evolving and improving strategy for both Red Oak and their clients
  • Ramp up time to 100% production
  • Percent of projects completed on time
  • Manager satisfaction ratings